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Il Rifugio
campeggio campeggio campeggio 2 Parco giocchi
Camping - meadow Camping - bathroom Camping - spring Playground  
Camera Camera ristorante ristorante
Hotelroom Yurt - inside Restaurant Restaurant
vista Yurts nuvola Geese
Panorama with rainbow Yurts Narnia The geese
Sea of clouds inside yurt Petra Overview
Sea of clouds Yurt inside Petra Il rifugio - overview

Castelvittorio Buggio Dolceaqua Dolceaqua
Castelvittorio Buggio Dolceacqua Dolceaqua
Melosa Marta Monte Ceppo Mercantour
Frost at Melosa Lake Tenarda viewed from mount Marta Monte Ceppo Panorama Mercantour
Tenarda lagetto triora Ventimiglia
Lake Tenarda Laghetto Triora Ventimiglia

aigle royal bergeronette grise bergeronette grise bergeronette printaniere
Golden eagle White Wagtail European Green Lizard Yellow Wagtail
Buse variable Tarier patre.Saltimpalo Circaéte Jean le Blanc.Biancone Rouge gorge.Petirosso
Buzzard African Stonechat Short-toed Snake Eagle Robin
Grand corbeau . Corvo imperiale Huppe Pie-grièche écorcheur.Averla piccola Fossili sul Toraggio
Raven Hoopoe Red-backed Shrike Fossils on Toraggio
renard Marmotte. Marmota Camosci farfalle
Fox Marmot Chamois  Large Copper
Fleurs de montagne Fleurs Fiori saxifraga
Liverwort Wild geranium Ragged Robin Saxifraga
Sempervivum Thalictrum aquilegifolium Ciclamino Lis turban. Giglio rosso
Sempervivum French Meadow-rue Ciclamen Fire Lily